No oil spill in Romblon – Coast Guard

Real Admiral Luis Tuason Jr.
Rumors said that an oil spill has took place in Tablas Island, Romblon, but the Philippine Coast Guard said that the rumors are not true – there is no oil spill in the island.
It is testified by PCG officer-in-charge and vice commandant for operations Rear Admiral Luis Tuason Jr. He made it clear to the public that the rumors spreading are all wrong.
Tuason also said that the Coast Guard in Romblon conducted a foot patrol along the shoreline of Sugod village in San Agustin to ensure that no oil can be found.
Coast Guard Romblon personnel will continue to monitor the oil spill boom, Tuason addded.
M/T PSC Matibay encounteed big waves and strong winds at Romblon due to Tropical Storm Ofel (Son-Tinh) that brought out the certain issue. However, the captain decided to anchor in Carmen Bay, Tablas Island, to avoid wreckage of the machine. It was a safe decision for all that the oil spill was prevented. It could have happened, though, if the captain did not decide to anchor in the nearest bay.
“The crew later reported to Coast Guard Detachment in San Agustin that while anchored, they experienced (a) heavy swell, strong winds and (were) incapable of maneuvering out from shallow water and by October 25, M/T PSC Matibay was reportedly half submerged while Barge Kayamanan III ran aground about 150 to 200 meters away from its present location,” the Coast Guard said.
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