Pinoy Pride: Romblon’s Marble Products

Products made of marble in Romblon

Romblon is known as the “Marble Country” due to its bountiful deposits of marble, which are mainly used in construction and sculpture. In fact, it is believed that the substructures of the islands are made of marble.

Way back in 1900’s, mining in Romblon started. However, it was only after World War II that the importance of marble was given due attention and introduction to the market. With various lively colors combined with the intricate natural art lines and shades. Romblon’s marble easily transforms into an exotic material that is suitable and attractive for the construction industry.

Proudly saying, this province is the only place in Southeast Asia with such rich marble deposits that are of commercial value which are said to be equal in quality to Italian marbles. Now with the computerized cutting tools and sophisticated polishing machines from Italy, the consumers are well assured of precision and high quality marble tiles.

Novelty items manually carved out from marble stones is also a very popular business in Romblon. Such marble products are jars, mortar and pestles, ashtrays and souvenirs. With Stone expo activity, the small province of Romblon is now internationally exposed and recognized.

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