Do you believe in genies? Join the Talabukon Festival in Looc, Romblon!

Talabukon Festival in Looc Romblon

During the 3rd week of April, the people of Romblon celebrates one of their festivals called the Talabukon Festival, particularly done in the town of Looc. Same as the other festivals in the province, it is done to honor the patron saint, Saint Joseph.

Another reason why the Romblomanon celebrate the said festival is to celebrate a genie who, according to town folks, saved their place, where the name of their town Looc was acquired (Looc means choke).

The fiesta features street dancing where different dancing prowess were shown by the town folks of almost all of the barangays in Looc. What make the festival even merrier are the colorful costumes and props used by the participants of the street dancing. The criteria for the said competition are the following: displaying dancing skills, artistic choreography, colorful costumes and props, replica of Talabukon and field demonstration/re-enactment of the myth.

Three excellent barangays win the contest.


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