A Malaria-free Romblon for 2013


The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that the province of Romblon is now malaria-free as of the month of December from its further investigation and experiment August of the current year.

According to the research of the department, there have been no cases of malari in the province because of the strong advocacy of the present administration in preventing the spread of this deathly disease. Furthermore, the local government of Romblon has its newest program entitled, “Traveling Net Campaign” that would control the malaria promulgation.

The national advocacy against malaria had for its theme, “Saving Lives, Preventing Deaths, and Sustaining Against Malaria.” It was based on the Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Net or LLIN which symbolizes the malaria control program in the local and international areas.

According to Governor Eduardo C. Firmalo, the campaign against the disease was prioritized by the local government that resulted to a higher level of awareness to the residents to ensure their safety from the mosquitoes carrying malaria fever.

The program aims to: 1. acquire support from other local provinces to strengthen the campaign; 2. massive awareness for the residents about the infectious disease and how to treat it immediately as well as to prevent it in the first place, and; 3. help one another destroy the mosquitoes’ habitat to control their reproduction.

Meanwhile, according to the LLIN organizer, the campaign was similar to Tony Blair Foundation for the information dissemination strategy that reached mainland Africa to fully stop, or control, the malaria infection.



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