Biniray Festival Features Romblomanon’s Faith to Patron Santo Nino

Biniray Festival
Biniray Festival

Biniray Festival is Romblon’s prestigious festival participated by Rombloanon every second week of January in honor of  Señor Santo Niño. It is just the same as the Sinulog Festival of Cebu which also depicts the strong faith of the residents to Roman Catholicism.


The festival features dancing and activities that makes every people’s faith to their patron saint stronger every minute. It is adorned with colorful designs and costumes which attract local and international tourist.

The flotilla of vessels which commemorate the Spanish galleons’ attempts to take away the Santo Niño highlights the festival even more. The fluvial procession circles Romblon Bay seven times in a reenactment of the Spaniards attempts.

The procession is then proceeded by another parade of the Santo Niño images. It is carried aroundtown in a carriage filled with beautiful flowers. People join the parade with their costumes and paint all over their face and body.

The Biniray Festival is one way of giving thanks to the residents’ bountiful life and prosperous economy.


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