Spend Holy Week Tranquility in the Beaches of Romblon

A huge number of people flock in the Philippines’ most in demand beaches during Holy Week. Boracay becomes the country’s busiest island, cradling thousands of tourists extending post-Lenten Season. Puerto Galera also shares heavy influx of beachgoers longing for days of relaxation.

But, if spending Holy Week in overcrowded shorelines and staying in over-priced accommodations are two things you are totally avoiding, then it’s time to explore the hidden wonders of Romblon!

Here are some places where you can have a quiet time this hour and go bask under the sun the next. Awesome destinations. See the pictures?

Cresta de Gallo, Azagra, San Fernando, Romblon – a.k.a. Isla de Gallo; known for its white sand beach and surrounding dive sites

Cresta de Gallo, Romblon

Photo: Region IV on tripwow.tripadvisor.com

Manaha Beach, Barangay Mahaba, Corcuera, Romblon – a stretch of white sand beaches

Manaha Beach, Romblon

Photo: cuervopropertyadvisory.wordpress.com

Saba Bay Lagoon, San Roque and Mabini, Corcuera, Romblon

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