Perfect Summer Getaway? Visit the awesome Lagting Falls!

Lagting FallsOne of the perfect place to visit this summer is Romblon’s amazing Lagting Falls, located in barangay Taclobo, 3 kilometers away from barangay Poblacion.

The falls is fitted for tourists who want to achieve an extraordinary enjoyment of the blazing hot sun of summer. It has two natural swimming pools that can be used as an oasis after the long play with the sun.

Because Lagting Falls is also a part of the Camp Christ in the Mountains, it can be utilized as seminars and retreats venue. Its natural beauty and silent ambiance would surely bring everyone to a never-ending satisfaction and fulfillment.

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The Next Boracay: Carabao Island in Romblon

Carabao Island 2Located at the southern part of the Tablas Island, Carabao Island is said to be the “next Boracay.” Why? Let’s find out why.

The island has two main beaches that attracts people: the Lanas Beach and the San Jose Beach. The former is located on the western part of the island while the latter is on the eastern side.

Though the beach in the Carabao Island is white but not really the same as the ones in Boracay wherein the sand is ultimately white and powdery, you would surely not regret spending your summertime in this island because of the different water activities you could enjoy in here.

On the other hand, the San Jose beach has the same white sand like in Boracay that tourists can bury their bodies under it. But unlike Lanas Beach, it is more private because no guest houses, resorts, and restaurants operate in this area. Thus, making it a spot for a quick swim in the vast sea.

But, hold it, beach bums. There is still one place you can be accommodated in this area. The place is called “The Republic of Inobahan” which is own by the mayor of San Jose. Though the rent in its cottages and rooms is quite expensive, you would love to stay in here because of the lovely sceneries.Carabao Island

Another option is to stay on the seashore and build a camp. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your sleep along with your friends in the middle of the night because camping is permitted by the authorities. In here, you will have the serenity and peace you needed if you are tired of your party and fun modes in Boracay. Just a boat ride away from Bora and voila! Carabao Island is at your disposal.

There are also caves you can visit in the island.

Because of the continuous prominence of the Carabao Island, the local government is planning to build an international airport that would give direct access to the island. But the plan is still a plan right now. No further actions have been initiated throughout the years that the residents are  getting afraid if this is to be implemented or not.

How to go to Carabao Island? Check out these guides from Claire Raborar (www.

From Manila or Batangas: Catch an overnight ferry to Odiongan port, Tablas. From there take the first jeep of the day to Santa Fe where you can catch ferry to San Jose on Carabao Island (45 mins). You’ll probably need to stay overnight on Tablas somewhere (either Odiongan or Looc would be good options). If you miss the public ferry to San Jose, you may be able to charter a private boat to take you.

From Boracay/Caticlan: From Caticlan you can arrange a boat ride to San Jose (about 45 mins). Timetables and prices vary, so ask around in Caticlan or Boracay.

San Jose to Lanas Beach: To reach Lanas beach from San Jose take a habal-habal (P120 for 2 pax).



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Do you believe in genies? Join the Talabukon Festival in Looc, Romblon!

Talabukon Festival in Looc Romblon

During the 3rd week of April, the people of Romblon celebrates one of their festivals called the Talabukon Festival, particularly done in the town of Looc. Same as the other festivals in the province, it is done to honor the patron saint, Saint Joseph.

Another reason why the Romblomanon celebrate the said festival is to celebrate a genie who, according to town folks, saved their place, where the name of their town Looc was acquired (Looc means choke).

The fiesta features street dancing where different dancing prowess were shown by the town folks of almost all of the barangays in Looc. What make the festival even merrier are the colorful costumes and props used by the participants of the street dancing. The criteria for the said competition are the following: displaying dancing skills, artistic choreography, colorful costumes and props, replica of Talabukon and field demonstration/re-enactment of the myth.

Three excellent barangays win the contest.


Saging + Niyog? Join the Saginyogan Festival of Alcantara, Romblon

Saginyogan FestivalThe Saginyogan Festival

                Alcantara, a place full of beautiful and wonderful creations of nature  which people should be proud of and thank God for. The plants in the garden, the trees along the roads and the clean surroundings. Everywhere natures invites one’s attention and admiration.                     Giving thanks to the Lord for all these creations comes in different ways. It maybe through songs, dances and festivals during a very important event of the year, the Fiesta.                 The Fiesta Executive Committee of 2010 thought of having a festival to praise and thank the Lord for some of the agricultural  sources of livelihood of the people in the municipality. The Banana and Coconut plants which are considered versatile in most Barangays were chosen to be the focus of  the festival for these plants have many uses. The organizers also took into account some of the positive factors that could help people give importance to these plants. The people must be motivated towards an awareness that saging and niyog could be a big contribution to enhance their living conditions especially, the farmers. Through a festival we could also awaken the people to use their skills in making use of the different parts of these plants.                     The Coco-Banana Festival was initially organized and presented in 2010 town fiesta. The presentation was participated in by the pupils from the different schools in the district of Alcantara. The presentation was in a form of a contest. However, the 2011 Fiesta Management thought of changing its title to Saginyogan Festival to make it common and striking to the community people; making the title different from other municipalities in the province having the same festival.                     Saginyogan Festival is an appropriate Festival for Alcantara because the classification made by the Department of Trade and Industry in OTOP (One Town One Product), the town is classified as one of the municipalities in the province of Romblon with coconut as its major farm product. It covers about 29% or 2069 hectares of the total land area and according to the DTI the production is estimated at 5 million nuts each year.                     Banana is another common farm product of the people which could easily grown in the type of soil the place has and it could be seen in the backyards in most of the residential lots of the people in the 12 barangayss.                     Making Saginyogan Festival as one of the important events or highlights during the fiesta and if promoted properly could bolster tourism in Alcantara in the days to come because of its significance and artistic attraction.
(Writen by: Ms. Nancy C. Lota)

Devour Yummy Dishes in Romblon Deli

English breakfast in Romblon Deli

Located in Romblon City, this little restaurant will definitely become your regular haunt whenever you are in town, both for the food and the warm and friendly hospitality. You will be very surprised to find such good pizza in Romblon partnered with ice cold drink. This place is owned by an English guy, David, and his wife Thess. The staff are great, and it’s a nice relaxing little place for watching the world go by.

Favorite Dish: Choose from the dishes such as full English breakfast, tuna melt sandwiches, lasagne with garlic bread and salad, beef tenderloin (blue cheese, Bourbon or garlic sauce) with fries, buttered chicken (with rice, naan bread and popadoms), roast lamb or chicken with roast potato and green peas, spaghetti and meatballs, fisherman’s pie, roasted pork, crispy garlic chicken, Thai fish curry, and garlic prawns. The daily menu varies, and is displayed outside on a blackboard.


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Rencio’s Resort: A Perfect Getaway

Rencio's Resort

Rencio’s Resort

A well established, family owned and operated business where you will always find a warm, friendly atmosphere. Offer a comfortable lodging in the hotel rooms, chinese-filipino-style cooking in their restaurant, and a place to relax and socialize in the Videoke Bar.

Rencio’s Resort was just a big salt-water fishpond located at the heart of the town proper, Odiongan. The owner brought it just to have a place to go fishing with his family and friends.

Sometime in 1997, the idea of developing the place into a resort was conceptualized. A small part of the fishpond was turned into a swimming pool for adults and kids. Then construction continued a building for a restaurant with videoke bar and a second floor for function rooms. Then eight-room hotel for accommodations, two annexes buildings were added and also a native inspired bamboo nipa hut. The surroundings are not only fish ponds but have well-landscaped beautiful gardens.

Business officially started March, 2002.

The place is open for all types of wedding, birthday or baptismal parties, all kinds of celebration, private and government meetings and seminars.

Enjoy their Chinese and Filipino dishes, relax at the pool, see beautiful gardens and have a peaceful stay at Rencio’s Resort, probably the best in the province of Romblon.rencio's

Rencio's Resort

Rencio’s Resort


Rencio’s has around 12 rooms of different sizes, starting at P1200 (air con) or P500 (fan) for two people. The rooms are only of average quality for their price, with aging furnishings, tiny TV (cable) and basic amenities. They are at least clean (smelling of disinfectant) and adequately comfortable for a night’s stay.



There is a large dining and entertainment area (suitable for large parties), with pleasant outdoor garden seating adjacent. There is a videoke machine and TV also in this area. The restaurant seems to be popular with the locals in the evenings, where people meet for eating, drinking and singing.

There are large fish ponds around the resort, too.


Rencio’s Resort

Pinoy Pride: Romblon’s Marble Products

Products made of marble in Romblon

Romblon is known as the “Marble Country” due to its bountiful deposits of marble, which are mainly used in construction and sculpture. In fact, it is believed that the substructures of the islands are made of marble.

Way back in 1900’s, mining in Romblon started. However, it was only after World War II that the importance of marble was given due attention and introduction to the market. With various lively colors combined with the intricate natural art lines and shades. Romblon’s marble easily transforms into an exotic material that is suitable and attractive for the construction industry.

Proudly saying, this province is the only place in Southeast Asia with such rich marble deposits that are of commercial value which are said to be equal in quality to Italian marbles. Now with the computerized cutting tools and sophisticated polishing machines from Italy, the consumers are well assured of precision and high quality marble tiles.

Novelty items manually carved out from marble stones is also a very popular business in Romblon. Such marble products are jars, mortar and pestles, ashtrays and souvenirs. With Stone expo activity, the small province of Romblon is now internationally exposed and recognized.

Sources: the traveler’s blog

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Romblon: The Marble Country of Southeast Asia

Map of Romblon

Map of Romblon

“Marble Country” – Romblon is called as such because of its immense deposits of marble all through out Southeast Asia. It is part of the MIMAROPA region located south of Marinduque and Quezon, east of Mindoro, north of Aklan Capiz, and west of Masbate.


Romblon is the capital city of Romblon province. It is one of the three largest islands located in the province along with Tablas, the largest, and Sibuyan, the easternmost island.

There are different mountains and volcanoes located in Romblon which makes it a mountainous region. Mount Guiting-Guiting is the highest elevation which is in Sibuyan island.

September to January is not the season of vacation in Romblon for the heaviest rainfall occurs in these months. So if you want to explore the province, tourists should be there by March or April.


Visayans, Negritos, and May-as are some of the inhabitants in the Romblon province. Though it is part of the Southern Tagalog, majority of the residents are Visayans which make it Visayan as their language. But Tagalog is widely known, too, same as English which is used as a medium for business transactions.

Three native languages that the people use in Romblon include Romblomanon or Ini, Bantoanon or Asi, and Inunhan or Onhan.


Because of its bountiful lands, Romblon is basically an agricultural site for planting copras and rice. Also, there are several crops that are being grown in this island. Some of them are coconut, corn, banana, some root crops, and even fruit trees.

Fishing is also one of the means of living of the residents in Romblon. The fishes acquired in its vast bodies of water are being distributed into near provinces like Batangas and Quezon.

Another thing that makes the people of Romblon busy is mining. Being the Marble Country in Asia, marbles are basically one product obtained in the mining grounds of Romblon. Aside from marble, the islands are rich in granite, nickel, silica, mercury, zinc, copper, silver, limestone, sulfide, ores, kaolin, clay, magnesium, and quartz. Some of the miners also got a hold of gold in some gold panning sites.