Tara na! Let’s cook dishes Romblon Style

Romblon has many famous dishes that only Romblomanon can cook. Tourists, local and international, visit the province just to experience such delight in eating these foods.

Here are two of the well-known dishes in Romblon, together with their simple ways of cooking:




1 pound of frozen orange roughy filet
1 red onion
1 cucumber
2 tomatoes
1 cup palm vinegar
2 jalapeno peppers
2 tbps of mayonnaise
2-3 pcs. lemons.

Slice the orange roughy filet into I inch cubes; mix fish with a cup of palm vinegar and squeeze carefully. Discard the juice; mix in a bowl sliced/diced onion, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, mayonaise; salt to taste. Be liberal/generous with the ginger. Add lemon juice – kalamansi is recommended. Chill before serving. Served ala sushi style, it is good as an appetizer, pulutan or sumsuman.

Contributed by: Lino Galdo
Maasin City, Southern Leyte.
Note: Lino’s recipe has been going its rounds in the absence of fresh tuna (tanguige) and angel fish (budos) among a circle of his Romblomanon friends in Elmhurst, Illinois.

(Dely Ferrera’s “quickie” Inaslom, an Asi version of bulang-lang)

Boil a cup of fresh anchovies (lambiyong); add malunggay leaves about 2 1/2 cups;add onions, small garlic, kalamansi juice and salt to taste. Add labuyo if you wish and serve hot.

Or, mix any number of vegetables – squash, camotemanunggay, green onions into a boiling pot of water with a choice of bagoong, dried fish, dried shrimp or fresh fish.



Experience the famous Sarsa a la Romblon

One of my favorite food which is I think only can be found in Romblon because I’ve ask Filipinos from other provinces and they have never heard of this dish.. Sarsa is made from coconut with chilis and very tiny shrimps caught in the river/streams. It is wrap in a coconut leaf and then boiled. When I go to Romblon, I always eat this. I ask my relatives and friends to watch out for people who sell this. They usually just go around town and yells, “Sarsa, sarsa, sarsa.” Hmmm, can’t wait to go back and eat this again, with rice of course. 🙂

Devour Yummy Dishes in Romblon Deli

English breakfast in Romblon Deli

Located in Romblon City, this little restaurant will definitely become your regular haunt whenever you are in town, both for the food and the warm and friendly hospitality. You will be very surprised to find such good pizza in Romblon partnered with ice cold drink. This place is owned by an English guy, David, and his wife Thess. The staff are great, and it’s a nice relaxing little place for watching the world go by.

Favorite Dish: Choose from the dishes such as full English breakfast, tuna melt sandwiches, lasagne with garlic bread and salad, beef tenderloin (blue cheese, Bourbon or garlic sauce) with fries, buttered chicken (with rice, naan bread and popadoms), roast lamb or chicken with roast potato and green peas, spaghetti and meatballs, fisherman’s pie, roasted pork, crispy garlic chicken, Thai fish curry, and garlic prawns. The daily menu varies, and is displayed outside on a blackboard.

Source: virtualtourist.com

Photo from: singkitt.wordpress.com