Do you believe in genies? Join the Talabukon Festival in Looc, Romblon!

Talabukon Festival in Looc Romblon

During the 3rd week of April, the people of Romblon celebrates one of their festivals called the Talabukon Festival, particularly done in the town of Looc. Same as the other festivals in the province, it is done to honor the patron saint, Saint Joseph.

Another reason why the Romblomanon celebrate the said festival is to celebrate a genie who, according to town folks, saved their place, where the name of their town Looc was acquired (Looc means choke).

The fiesta features street dancing where different dancing prowess were shown by the town folks of almost all of the barangays in Looc. What make the festival even merrier are the colorful costumes and props used by the participants of the street dancing. The criteria for the said competition are the following: displaying dancing skills, artistic choreography, colorful costumes and props, replica of Talabukon and field demonstration/re-enactment of the myth.

Three excellent barangays win the contest.


Be part of the Amazing Sanrokan Festival!

is the age-old tradition of sharing food, particularly viand, to one’s neighbor practice by Bantoanons. In recent years, the word sanrokan has been romanticized to mean sharing, in general. This is then a festival of sharing.

The festival is a two-day celebration – it starts during Black Saturday and ends on Easter Sunday.

The festival started in 2003 as an initiative of the Municipal Government and the Executive Committee of the Banton 2003 Project.

The three major activities of the Sanrokan are the Sanrokan sa Barangay, the Hanrumanan (Street Dancing and Cultural Presentation), and the Sanrokan Night. Depending on the sponsoring groups and organizations, other activities are also held.

Sanrokan Sa Barangay

Barangay folks and visitors gather and share lunch at the Sanrokan venue bringing with them food and delicacies they have prepared. This is scheduled on Black Saturday. Sanrokan at Poblacion (town proper) takes place on Easter Sunday.

Sanrokan sa Barangay also showcases native food and delicacies.


Hanrumanan (Street Dancing and Cultural Presentation)

During Easter Sunday, tribal groups parade and dance around the town’s main streets, clad in ethnic and locally-made costumes. After the parade, its tribe presents a local or ethnic practice and tradition.

Hanrumanan (local term for souvenir / legacy), differs from other similar activities such as the ati-atihan because it portrays purely local traditions and practices. Banton is actually known for its rich cultural heritage.


Sanrokan Night

During the Sanrokan night, cultural program and contests are usually staged. It is followed by a public dance ball.

Saging + Niyog? Join the Saginyogan Festival of Alcantara, Romblon

Saginyogan FestivalThe Saginyogan Festival

                Alcantara, a place full of beautiful and wonderful creations of nature  which people should be proud of and thank God for. The plants in the garden, the trees along the roads and the clean surroundings. Everywhere natures invites one’s attention and admiration.                     Giving thanks to the Lord for all these creations comes in different ways. It maybe through songs, dances and festivals during a very important event of the year, the Fiesta.                 The Fiesta Executive Committee of 2010 thought of having a festival to praise and thank the Lord for some of the agricultural  sources of livelihood of the people in the municipality. The Banana and Coconut plants which are considered versatile in most Barangays were chosen to be the focus of  the festival for these plants have many uses. The organizers also took into account some of the positive factors that could help people give importance to these plants. The people must be motivated towards an awareness that saging and niyog could be a big contribution to enhance their living conditions especially, the farmers. Through a festival we could also awaken the people to use their skills in making use of the different parts of these plants.                     The Coco-Banana Festival was initially organized and presented in 2010 town fiesta. The presentation was participated in by the pupils from the different schools in the district of Alcantara. The presentation was in a form of a contest. However, the 2011 Fiesta Management thought of changing its title to Saginyogan Festival to make it common and striking to the community people; making the title different from other municipalities in the province having the same festival.                     Saginyogan Festival is an appropriate Festival for Alcantara because the classification made by the Department of Trade and Industry in OTOP (One Town One Product), the town is classified as one of the municipalities in the province of Romblon with coconut as its major farm product. It covers about 29% or 2069 hectares of the total land area and according to the DTI the production is estimated at 5 million nuts each year.                     Banana is another common farm product of the people which could easily grown in the type of soil the place has and it could be seen in the backyards in most of the residential lots of the people in the 12 barangayss.                     Making Saginyogan Festival as one of the important events or highlights during the fiesta and if promoted properly could bolster tourism in Alcantara in the days to come because of its significance and artistic attraction.
(Writen by: Ms. Nancy C. Lota)

Biniray Festival Features Romblomanon’s Faith to Patron Santo Nino

Biniray Festival
Biniray Festival

Biniray Festival is Romblon’s prestigious festival participated by Rombloanon every second week of January in honor of  Señor Santo Niño. It is just the same as the Sinulog Festival of Cebu which also depicts the strong faith of the residents to Roman Catholicism.


The festival features dancing and activities that makes every people’s faith to their patron saint stronger every minute. It is adorned with colorful designs and costumes which attract local and international tourist.

The flotilla of vessels which commemorate the Spanish galleons’ attempts to take away the Santo Niño highlights the festival even more. The fluvial procession circles Romblon Bay seven times in a reenactment of the Spaniards attempts.

The procession is then proceeded by another parade of the Santo Niño images. It is carried aroundtown in a carriage filled with beautiful flowers. People join the parade with their costumes and paint all over their face and body.

The Biniray Festival is one way of giving thanks to the residents’ bountiful life and prosperous economy.