Delightful Dishes in Republika Restaurant in Romblon

This little place (formally known as Jack’s Bar), is located almost next door to Romblon Deli, and serves good tasty food. Service is friendly and efficient, and the place is reasonably priced. Guests can also avail of the book exchange, and learn some local knowledge from the friendly English owner, Bob and his Filipina wife.

Getting into the dishes, you can enjoy the steak here- served with big chunky chips and salad (though something other than onion and cucumber in the salad might have been nice!), Goulash, Chicken Paprika, pizzas and Thai Chicken Curry.

Pizza is the best on the Island, and the Fresh bread is great, with full English breakfasts, Shepard’s Pie, Fish and Chips, with a wide selection menu, from Filipino Cuisine to many foreigner delights.

For desserts, ice creams in rocky road and fruit salad flavor could quench your appetite and fruit shakes as well. This is a great place to hang out and meet many other Expats living and vacationing on Romblon Island.

Republika Restaurant

Front of Republika Restaurant


Republika Restaurant

Dining area of Republika Restaurant