A Nostalgic Experience: Visiting the Old Virgin Mary of Candelaria Church

ChurchOne of the most fascinating finds in the churches of Romblon is the old church of Virgin Mary of Candelaria in Azagra, a small barrio in San Fernando, Romblon in Sibuyan Island. According to the old caretaker, this church is believed to be the second oldest church constructed by the Spaniards, after the famous Sto. Niño Church in Cebu. Azagra itself is a place with a rich, colorful past. According to San Fernando historical notes, it was first inhabited by Datu Puti, one of the 10 chieftains of Borneo who sailed to the country in the 13th century where it was first known as Punta Kawit. When the Spaniards came, it acquired the name Azagra and gained greater importance as a flourishing municipality. However, lack of water resources led to the relinquishing of the capital to one of its barrios, Pag-alad (now San Fernando) in 1900 where Azagra has since become a barrio (barangay) of the former.
Aline Parrone